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Worl Water Park Association, New Kuta Green Park Bali
New Kuta Golf
New Kuta Golf
New Kuta Green park tripadvisor
Pecatu Indah
Pecatu Indah Resort



New Kuta Green Park offers a wide selection of food and beverages located throughout the park

  Chick n Fish
Fried Fish, Chicken Nuggets, and French Fries.
  Indoneasia Food Corner
Have you try  the taste of local food..?  Some selection you can try Mix Fried Rice, Sea Food Fried Rice, Chicken Fried Rice, and Pete Fried Rice
  De’ Pasta  & Dolci
Enjoy the original italian spaghetti and fettucini with italian sauce, also you can try our delicious corn cream soup.
  Green Corner
Be sure to try the unique and tasty combination of fried chicken with indonesian seasoning
  T.O.P Pizza
Peperoni, seafood, mushroom,hot chicken, and margaretha pizza fresh from the oven.
It’s a must to try our delicious bali grill ethnic food such as Bebek/Ayam betutu (raised grill duck/chicken with Balinese herb) and also grilled fish with spicy Balinese sauce.
  Noodles 99
Try it and u will know how delicious our regular noodle such as chicken noodle,and  chicken noodle with meatball.
Indonesian Favorite meat soups/Soto, Chicken Soto, Beef Soto & Fish Soto
Have you try the longest hot dog and giant burger? If you don’t, come and try our longest hot dog, doubles burger,cheese burger , and reguler burger.
  Quick Crepes
Banana choco. Banana cheese, banana split, choco cheese, choco peanut chese, and crepes with smoked beef
  H2 Lounge
With capacity of 100 people, H2 Lounge with special treatment environment  business or leisure  inside with variant selection of food.
  Greenbar & Loly pop
We served wide variety of beverages and Ice Cream, so just sit and relax yourself at green bar while your kids playing around.